Striding into 2022, Stronger than Ever

Fossil Free California is stronger than ever as we begin another year of action on pension fund divestment. FFCA’s evolution included officially hiring two staff: Miriam Eide (right) as Coordinating Director and CJ Koepp (left) as Communications Coordinator. Our staff takes direction from the campaign teams, reinforcing a collaborative leadership style that is sparking great creativity and growth.

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Gratitude for the Power of Collective Actions

“A failure.”  “The most exclusionary climate summit ever.”  “A Greenwash Festival.”  “A source of great shame because COP26 will be the whitest and most privileged ever, with thousands who intended to travel from poorer countries excluded.”  These are just a few of the many critiques of COP26.  Amidst the heaviness and disappointment following COP 26,…

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Time’s Up, CalPERS! Defund Climate Chaos

On November 1, Managing Director Anne Simpson and other CalPERS dignitaries will appear on the global stage of the COP26 conference in Glasgow. This climate summit (competing for air time with climate-change-fueled natural disasters and the continuing global pandemic) is another opportunity for world leaders to pledge to address climate chaos by setting emissions reduction…

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Hard Questions for CalPERS’ Anne Simpson

Managing Investment Director Anne Simpson

Fossil Free California has some hard questions for Anne Simpson, who is the Managing Investment Director for Board Governance & Sustainability at CalPERS. She has helped create and perpetuate a culture of predatory delay, in which the strategy of shareholder engagement is not bolstered by credible actions to decarbonize the portfolio. Instead, CalPERS pledges “net-zero…

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Victory for Engagement at Exxon: It’s Not Enough

Fossil fuel giant ExxonMobil was forced to seat three new climate-competent board members on May 26, as a result of a $30 million proxy fight led by a tiny hedge fund named Engine No.1.  Will this unprecedented event help transform Exxon into a climate-friendly company?  Chris Ailman, the CIO of CalSTRS who was among the…

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Faculty Power! CFA Endorses Divestment

CFA at CalPERS, 2019

The California Faculty Association, representing 29,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches in the California State University system, overwhelmingly approved a resolution asking CalPERS to divest from fossil fuels.

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