It's Time for California

to Go Fossil Free

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Want to win big on climate in 2024?
Join California’s public pension divestment movement.
Watch our 2024 launch event

Make a difference on climate change today. Email and call your Assemblymember and ask for their YES vote on SB 252, to divest California's public pensions from fossil fuel investments. Let’s win divestment of over $14 billion dollars in 2024.

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CalPERS & CalSTRS have $42 billion in fossil fuel investments.

Pension funds are among the largest institutional investors in fossil fuels. CalPERS and CalSTRS, which serve California's state workers and public school teachers, have more invested in fossil fuels than any other public pension in the country.

For the last seven years, we've been building a powerful campaign to hold these pensions responsible for their complicity in the climate crisis.

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