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North Bay Community Engagement Fair Generates Huge Response

By Sandy Emerson | February 3, 2017

On Sunday, January 29, the North Bay Community Engagement Fair generated a huge response from the community. 350 Sonoma and Fossil Free California collected a record number of petition signatures aimed at California’s huge state pension funds.

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Trump Stinks of Big Oil

By Emily Laskin | February 3, 2017

All of Trump’s most damaging policies link back up to his ties to Big Oil. This is what it’s like to have a president who’s a puppet of fossil fuels.

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Ireland Moves Close to Total Divestment

By Robert Silvey | February 1, 2017

Last week the Irish parliament voted to divest from fossil fuels. This legislation will make Ireland the first nation to ban investment of public money in the fossil fuel industry. The bill now goes to committee, and it is all but certain to become law. It represents Ireland’s commitment to the Paris climate accords — and a strong rebuke to Trump and other climate deniers.

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CalSTRS Discusses Materiality of ESG Risk Factors

By Sandy Emerson | January 26, 2017

CalSTRS Investment Subcommittee’s recent discussions of ESG risk factors concerned the materiality of ESG risk factors – whether, and at what threshold, environmental, social, and governance factors materially affect the economic and financial value of an investment.

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Climate Facts Twitter Storm: High Noon ET, Thursday January 26

By Sandy Emerson | January 25, 2017

Push back on attacks on climate science with a #climatefacts twitter storm at high noon on Thursday, January 26. Tweet climate facts to @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump, using the hashtag #climatefacts.

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Rex Tillerson must not be confirmed — #ExxonKnew

By Ann Marie Riley | January 22, 2017

Rex Tillerson is an ExxonMobil oilman. For years, he has questioned the reality of climate change. Now, as Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, he refuses to admit his complicity in the corporation’s disinformation campaign. Call your senators today to stop his confirmation.

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Kids’ Climate Lawsuits Make Progress in Court

By Emily Laskin | January 20, 2017

Youth climate activists have taken on big oil and the federal government in a landmark constitutional rights case. For the moment, they’re winning.

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Smoggy Seattle Skyline

City Pension Divestment Campaign in Seattle

By Sandy Emerson | January 15, 2017

350Seattle and are reviving a city pension divestment campaign aimed at the Seattle City Employees Retirement System (SCERS).

Stating that “more than ever we need people of conscience to put their money where their values are” the group asserts that a “green leader” like the City of Seattle should not continue to invest in fossil fuels.

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MA Attorney General Maura Healey

Exxon Must Come Clean in Massachusetts

By Emily Laskin | January 14, 2017

Exxon must release documents related to its knowledge of climate change, representing progress for the state as well as for the national ExxonKnew campaign. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey (photo) says the court order “affirms our longstanding authority to investigate fraud.”

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$5.2 Trillion Reasons to be Hopeful

By Sandy Emerson | December 29, 2016

The global divestment movement is now $5.2 trillion strong in pledged assets, with 688 institutions and 58,399 individuals in 76 countries committed to divest from fossil fuel companies. The value of assets under management by those pledged to divest has doubled in the last 15 months.  As the recent report from Arabella Advisors notes, “pension…

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