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CalPERS & CalSTRS: Show Us the Money

By Sandy Emerson | December 28, 2016

Fossil Free California is raising funds to help everyone understand where California’s huge pension funds are investing our money. On December 19 the CalPERS Board voted, at last, to divest their last $557 million in tobacco stocks.  Public health advocates – and CalPERS board members – learned only recently that when the huge fund “divested”…

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CalPERS and tobacco—the blow-by-blow

By Janet Cox | December 20, 2016
California Controller Betty Yee

Thanks to the many Fossil Free California supporters who joined CalPERS’ tobacco debate (along with a host of public health and anti-smoking organizations), the Board voted on Monday divest from the $557 million in tobacco stocks we all THOUGHT they had dumped in the early 2000s, when they first decided to divest. This was the outcome…

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CalPERS Votes to Expand Divestment from Tobacco

By Sandy Emerson | December 19, 2016

UPDATE, 12/19: Success!  On a motion by State Controller Betty Yee with a second by Priya Mathur, the CalPERS Investment Committee voted 9–3 to expand divestment from tobacco. CalPERS will continue the current tobacco divestment, and it has directed staff to expand the divestment to externally managed funds and to the Affiliate Fund portfolios.  The…

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World Leaders Urge Oil and Gas Firms to Disclose Climate-Related Risks

By Sandy Emerson | December 18, 2016

Some of the most powerful financial experts in the world are seriously worried about climate change. The Bank of England’s Governor Mark Carney, who chairs the Financial Stability Board of the “G20” summit of the world’s richest nations, said “The challenges currently posed by climate change pale in significance compared with what might come.”

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#NoDAPL Petition on PERS/STRS Pipeline Investments

By Sandy Emerson | December 3, 2016

Both of California’s huge public pension funds hold significant investments in Energy Transfer Partners, the publicly traded “master limited partnership” attempting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Sign our petition urging CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest now from Energy Transfer Partners. CalPERS investments total about $65 million, CalSTRS about…

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Fossil Free California Delivers Petitions to CalSTRS

By Sandy Emerson | November 18, 2016

At the November 16 CalSTRS Investment Committee meeting, twelve Fossil Free California representatives from Chico, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Berkeley delivered public comments and two petitions urging the Board to divest from fossil fuels. The first petition, urging both CalSTRS and CalPERS to divest within five years, was active for a year and a half…

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Kevin de León to Lead California Delegation at COP 22 in Morocco

By Sandy Emerson | November 15, 2016

Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) will lead the California delegation at the United Nations 22nd Conference of Parties in Marrakech, Morocco, beginning today, November 15th. The trip is intended to assure global partners that California remains committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and building a clean energy future. “California is well…

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Teachers say CalSTRS must divest from Big Oil

By Robert Silvey | November 12, 2016

Prospects at CalSTRS are bright for a real shift in investment strategy. Members of the board are increasingly tuned in to the dangers of climate change, and they are beginning to adjust their financial decisions to focus on more sustainable holdings. We at Fossil Free California applaud their efforts. But so far the shift in investment policy is not large enough…

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California climate action in the time of Trump

By Robert Silvey | November 11, 2016

While all of us are frightened and grieving at the idea that an avowed climate change denier will lead our nation’s response to the Paris climate agreement, Californians need to take heart and get to work. Our state, the fifth largest economy on the planet and the established climate leader among subnational governments, must step…

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The Earth needs us

By Robert Silvey | November 9, 2016

We cannot despair. The fate of humanity rests on what we do over the next four years. David Leonhardt says it best: This morning, many Americans feel sick. The country they thought they knew doesn’t seem to exist. Many of them are worried in a way they never have been before. I share a lot…

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