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SFERS Finally Takes Up Fossil Fuel Divestment

By Sandy Emerson | January 17, 2018

After a number of delays, and following well behind the wake of New York City’s recent divestment announcement, the San Francisco Employees Retirement System (SFERS) will take up the question of fossil fuel divestment on January 24. As the posted notice says: “The Retirement Board will conduct a special meeting to hear the fossil fuel divestment…

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Divest and Sue: New York City Delivers Double Punch to Fossil Fuels

By Sandy Emerson | January 14, 2018

Divest and sue: the wave of the future. The term “divest” — to remove money from fossil fuel producers and banks that finance fossil fuel projects — is often paired with its opposite, “invest”. New York City has now brought “sue” as a new partner to the divestment dance floor.

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SB 100 Twitter Storm Reaches Millions

By Janet Cox | January 9, 2018

Hundreds of environmental justice and climate activists reached millions of Twitter users during a three-hour Twitter storm on January 8.

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How Feasible is 100% Renewable Energy?

By Emily Laskin | January 3, 2018

A question of political will The end of the year saw a few new studies on the costs of moving the world to 100% renewable energy. They’ve been generating some buzz in the green energy internet about how long it will take, and how much it will cost, to accomplish a full energy transition. While everyone…

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January 10: No Coal in Oakland Hearing in SF

By Barbara Rhine | January 2, 2018

Join No Coal in Oakland on January 10 at a crucial hearing that could put an end to developer Phil Tagami’s lawsuit against the City of Oakland. Rally outside the courtroom at 8:30 am (but come even earlier to make sure you can get a seat inside the courtroom if you want to attend). US Courthouse/Federal Building…

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Protest Megabanks Fossil Fuels Investments

A New Divestment Year in California

By Janet Cox | December 19, 2017

2018 is here, and it’s a bright new divestment year in California. As you consider charitable donations for this new year, we hope you’ll consider a tax-deductible contribution to FFCA. Best of all would be a recurring donation that allows us to budget support for our growing list of 2018 projects: Divestment from fossil fuels…

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Wells Fargo Ousted from Los Angeles’ Banking Business

By Sandy Emerson | December 18, 2017

In a huge win for Divest LA and indigenous, environmental and social justice allies, the City of Los Angeles voted unanimously on Wednesday to approve a banking contract that would disqualify Wells Fargo from providing commercial banking services to the City.

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Ninth Circuit Court Hears Challenge to Youth Climate Lawsuit

Ninth Circuit Court Hears Challenge to Youth Climate Lawsuit

By Julie Twichell | December 15, 2017

Eighteen of the 21 youth plaintiffs in the Our Children’s Trust youth climate lawsuit attended a December 11 hearing at the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The Court heard oral arguments in response to a move by the Trump administration to dismiss the suit before it goes to trial.  Over 100 supporters rallied outside the courtroom to support the suit, which has been described as “the trial of the century.”

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SoCal 350 Climate Action Hosts Legislative Training

By Sandy Emerson | December 8, 2017

The Greater LA Legislative Committee, coordinating volunteer legislative climate action from a number of 350-related groups in the greater Los Angeles area, kicked off on December 3 with a well-received training at Glendale Community College. The event, and the Committee, are the brainchildren of Dan Brotman, chair of the SoCal350 Climate Action legislative committee. Thirty…

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San Leandro Moves to Divest from Wells Fargo

By Sandy Emerson | December 3, 2017

On November 20 the City Council of San Leandro took steps to divest from Wells Fargo by voting unanimously to move a $700,000 bond out of Wells Fargo Bank when it comes up for renewal. As soon as staff vacancies in the finance department have been filled, the Council further resolved to begin the process of seeking a new banking partner for its $5 million city banking business.

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