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A New Divestment Year in California

Protest Megabanks Fossil Fuels Investments

2018 is here, and it’s a bright new divestment year in California. As you consider charitable donations for this new year, we hope you’ll consider a tax-deductible contribution to FFCA. Best of all would be a recurring donation that allows us to budget support for our growing list of 2018 projects: Divestment from fossil fuels…

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Divestment vs Engagement: One Just Doesn’t Work

In the fight to keep oil in the ground, pension funds, banks, and other organizations managing large sums are coming under pressure to keep their money away from fossil fuel corporations. But while activists call for divestment from fossil fuel companies, the pension funds and banks seem to favor “engagement” with problematic companies while remaining invested. The…

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CalPERS Calls for More Discussion of AB20, DAPL Divestment

In a surprise development, the CalPERS Investment Committee called for more discussion of AB20 and DAPL divestment. Although the committee did not vote on the issue, member Theresa Taylor, the elected representative of state members and a veteran leader of SEIU Local 1000, expressed her personal opposition to the pipeline project.

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Ireland Moves Close to Total Divestment

Last week the Irish parliament voted to divest from fossil fuels. This legislation will make Ireland the first nation to ban investment of public money in the fossil fuel industry. The bill now goes to committee, and it is all but certain to become law. It represents Ireland’s commitment to the Paris climate accords — and a strong rebuke to Trump and other climate deniers.

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City Pension Divestment Campaign in Seattle

Smoggy Seattle Skyline

350Seattle and are reviving a city pension divestment campaign aimed at the Seattle City Employees Retirement System (SCERS).

Stating that “more than ever we need people of conscience to put their money where their values are” the group asserts that a “green leader” like the City of Seattle should not continue to invest in fossil fuels.

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