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From Oakland to Paris and beyond

For the last two weeks, the climate movement has topped the news, from Oakland to Paris to Melbourne. Leading up to the UN climate talks, hundreds of thousands of people rallied and marched, insisting that the world leaders at COP21 maximize their commitments to a carbon-free future. Altogether, there were more than 2,300 events around the world, and nearly…

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Teachers' unions support divestment

by Carlos Davidson California, famous worldwide for its leadership on climate change, is making big news in fossil fuel divestment, and it is doing it with some surprising union support. The California Senate recently approved a bill calling on its two massive public employee pension funds to divest their holdings in coal companies. Two unions representing…

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Kilday-Hicks: Unions will join divestment consensus

Russell Kilday-Hicks wrapped up the Sacramento launch of Fossil Free California, speaking for union members. He is statewide vice president of the California State Employees Association, an active member of the CSU Employees Union, and a staff employee at San Francisco State University. His speech: I am statewide VP for the organization that started CalPERS…

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