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CalPERS Votes to Expand Divestment from Tobacco

UPDATE, 12/19: Success!  On a motion by State Controller Betty Yee with a second by Priya Mathur, the CalPERS Investment Committee voted 9–3 to expand divestment from tobacco. CalPERS will continue the current tobacco divestment, and it has directed staff to expand the divestment to externally managed funds and to the Affiliate Fund portfolios.  The…

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Tell CalPERS: No reinvestment in tobacco!

Staff of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), the largest public pension fund in the country, is recommending that the fund’s Board vote in December to reinvest in tobacco, based on profits the tobacco companies have made overseas since CalPERS divested 16 years ago. Q. Why is the tobacco decision important for fossil fuel…

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Tobacco is a bad investment, CalPERS!

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System is considering a staff proposal this month that could lead to reinvestment in tobacco companies. It would also effectively foreclose divestment from companies that produce fossil fuels and other deadly products. If enacted, the proposal would “forbid CalPERS, in the management of its portfolios, from sacrificing potential investment performance or…

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Nobody's buying coal

Fossil fuel divestment is a campaign that’s snowballing—if you’ll excuse a mixed metaphor. In just the last month San Luis Obispo, California, and Corvallis, Oregon, have voted to divest. The University of Hawaii and the Rhode Island School of Design have done the same. And the University of Washington decided to divest from coal, as did the $900-billion Government Pension Fund of…

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Why coal divestment is important

Our goal at Fossil Free California is to reduce investments in all fossil fuels—coal, oil, and gas—and to publicize their destructive effects. But some institutions, resistant to total divestment, are willing to consider divesting only from coal. Is that a position we can support? Emphatically yes! A giant step Divesting from coal is a giant step…

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Rudolph: Climate change and public health

Golden Gate Bridge

On Global Divestment Day, 60 climate activists launched the Fossil Free California campaign in front of CalPERS headquarters in Sacramento.Three speakers addressed the need for divestment, Dr. Linda Rudolph, Jane Vosburg, and Russell Kilday-Hicks. Dr. Rudolph, the first speaker, is a CalPERS retiree who worked for 30 years as a preventive medicine physician in both local and state…

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