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Individual Divestment Hits New High

Just a few days ago, was reporting that the total of individual assets pledged to divest from the top 200 coal, oil, and gas companies was over $3 billion, from 2,408 individual investors. That in itself was good news. But today, the site posted a stunning new total: $4,715,012,908 (over. $4.7 billion) pledged from…

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More from the campaign launch

Fossil Free California is ramping up on many fronts. Our initial emphasis is on the state’s two big pension funds, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalPERS). That’s why we held this rally to launch the campaign at the CalPERS headquarters in Sacramento. Here are some additional…

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Watch the campaign begin!

We launched Fossil Free California on Global Divestment Day, February 13, 2015, in Sacramento. Divestment activists from all over Northern California gathered at CalPERS headquarters to urge CalPERS and CalSTRS to stop investing in fossil fuels and to sell their Old Energy investments within five years. The campaign begins! You can read the three stirring speeches here:…

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Kilday-Hicks: Unions will join divestment consensus

Russell Kilday-Hicks wrapped up the Sacramento launch of Fossil Free California, speaking for union members. He is statewide vice president of the California State Employees Association, an active member of the CSU Employees Union, and a staff employee at San Francisco State University. His speech: I am statewide VP for the organization that started CalPERS…

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Vosburg: Shareholder engagement is futile

On Global Divestment Day, the second campaign-launch speaker in Sacramento was Jane Vosburg, a retired teacher and fervent activist for fossil fuel divestment. She is divestment coordinator for 350 Sonoma County and for the CalSTRS campaign of Fossil Free California. Her speech: “Action on climate change must happen now!” CalSTRS knows this. And CalPERS knows it. They also know that…

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Rudolph: Climate change and public health

Golden Gate Bridge

On Global Divestment Day, 60 climate activists launched the Fossil Free California campaign in front of CalPERS headquarters in Sacramento.Three speakers addressed the need for divestment, Dr. Linda Rudolph, Jane Vosburg, and Russell Kilday-Hicks. Dr. Rudolph, the first speaker, is a CalPERS retiree who worked for 30 years as a preventive medicine physician in both local and state…

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