California Pensions Fail to Engage: A review of CalPERS’ and CalSTRS’ votes against shareholder climate resolutions

Fossil Free California June 2022 Issue titled California Pensions Fail to Engage

Read the full report. As the impacts of climate change begin to wreak havoc on our bisophere, the fossil fuel divestment movement has gained remarkable momentum. Globally, 1,500 institutions representing over $40 trillion in assets have already committed to some level of divestment from the fossil fuel industry.1 Despite over a decade of pressure from…

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CalSTRS Tunes Out Teachers to Engage with Exxon

A man with a calstrs member sign on his shirt, standing in front of a large crowd of protestors.

The California State Teachers’ Retirement System (or, CalSTRS) prides itself on its shareholder engagement with fossil fuel companies. However, by spending their resources, time, and energy on connecting with oil giants like Exxon, CalSTRS has failed to engage with the shareholders who matter most: their own.

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