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Science teachers support divestment

By Fossil Free California | October 5, 2015

by Heather MacLeod The California Science Education Conference was held October 2–4 in Sacramento, sponsored by the California Science Teacher’s Association, and Fossil Free California was there. Two volunteers from 350 Sacramento, Jaime Gonzalez and Megan Elsea, joined me at our table in the exhibit hall, and we asked science teachers to sign our divestment petition. We talked…

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SB 185: Looks like we did it…

By Fossil Free California | October 4, 2015

by Janet Cox …with a little help from Bill McKibben and Tom Steyer, who teamed up to accost the Governor at an event they were all attending. He committed to signing the bill, but he didn’t say when. October 11 is his deadline, so stay tuned this week! There has been a lot of good news…

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FFCA's New Mission Statement and Steering Committee

By Sandy Emerson | October 2, 2015

Fossil Free California has a new mission statement, Steering Committee, and governance process. After circulating proposals to active participants over the summer, FFCA ratified a new mission statement, Steering Committee, and governance process at the September 17th Strategy Day meeting in Oakland.  Thanks to for providing meeting space, snacks, and lunch!  More than 20…

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Reasons for hope, reasons for action

By Robert Silvey | September 8, 2015

The climate movement is snowballing! Well, perhaps we should find another metaphor, one that doesn’t melt in the heat. Blossoming? Springing up? Taking off? Whatever your choice of image, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the recent shift in how people perceive climate change. Technological advances are making non-carbon energy cheap and accessible. And political…

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What do we do now, now that we are happy?

By Robert Silvey | September 3, 2015

Hey, we are happy! Senate Bill 185 has passed the California Senate and the California Assembly. This unprecedented campaign by Fossil Free California and our many allies has leaped over one obstacle after another, and now we are within a whisker or two of total success. When SB 185 becomes law, the two biggest state pension funds in…

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Assembly passes SB 185!

By Robert Silvey | September 2, 2015

The California Assembly has passed SB 185, the coal divestment bill, by a vote of 43–27! (Update: When the late votes came in, it was even better, at 47–30.) One more step remains before the bill is enacted: Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. Let him know that when he signs this bill into law, California will become the first…

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Oil, lies, and video ads

By Robert Silvey | September 1, 2015

The petroleum industry is running scared. They know that their product is to the 21st Century what buggy whips were to the 20th. So as the California Assembly prepares to vote this week on SB 350, SB 185, and ten other climate bills, Big Oil is deploying some pretty oily tactics. First, the oil companies create and hide…

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Climate votes may begin Wednesday, 9/2

By Janet Cox | August 31, 2015

SB185, the coal divestment bill, and the more controversial bills that raise greenhouse gas targets (SB350 and SB32) all passed out of the Appropriations Committee at the end of last week. The votes were 12-5 along party lines. SB185 went out with no comment; the understanding is that the authors of SB350 and SB32 are…

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This is the week: a climate watershed

By Robert Silvey | August 31, 2015

As the evidence mounts that fossil fuels are a bad investment, this week represents a significant watershed moment for California climate policy. Last Thursday, the Assembly Appropriations Committee approved a package of twelve climate bills, which were already passed by the Senate. This week, the bills go to the full Assembly for approval. If passed by the Assembly…

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CalSTRS divestment: unhappy anniversary

By Jane Vosburg | August 26, 2015

Anniversaries are a time to pop open a bottle of champagne to toast the successes of the previous year; however, the first anniversary of Fossil Free California’s (FFCA) relationship with California’s state teachers’ pension fund, CalSTRS, has forced us to keep the bottle corked and hope for better days ahead. Why? Although teachers value CalSTRS…

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