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As if you were in Paris…

By Janet Cox | December 9, 2015

Actually, if you were here, you would probably be back in your hotel watching these Blue Zone sessions on your computer, like I’m doing today. Here are my faves of the day: 1.If you only watch one thing, I recommend John Kerry’s exhortation to the Plenary to get its act together, which he made just…

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A couple of things to watch for in news of COP21

By Janet Cox | December 8, 2015

Another day, another onslaught of information and no assurance I have more than a marginal idea about what is actually going on! But I am learning about some of the major sticking points in the agreement, which can be substantively changed this week from its current not-exactly-what-we-need form. •  We heard this morning that there…

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Al Gore's Big Moment

By Janet Cox | December 8, 2015

In a first for COP21 since I’ve been here, the masses in the Green Zone got to sit in on the Plenary in the Blue. Al Gore just addressed the  conference proper in an event that was live-streamed to the Green Zone. He spoke for an hour an a half in what was essentially a…

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Climate change is complicated. So is COP21.

By Janet Cox | December 6, 2015

Here I am in Paris, huddled with the uncredentialed masses trying to figure out what is actually going on in the Le Bourget conference center. Like the effects of climate change, this event is pretty diffuse, and everyone, rightfully, can find their niche. In this way this massive, multi-faceted, distributed show is kind of organically…

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From Oakland to Paris and beyond

By Robert Silvey | December 3, 2015

For the last two weeks, the climate movement has topped the news, from Oakland to Paris to Melbourne. Leading up to the UN climate talks, hundreds of thousands of people rallied and marched, insisting that the world leaders at COP21 maximize their commitments to a carbon-free future. Altogether, there were more than 2,300 events around the world, and nearly…

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Raúl Grijalva: Climate denial cripples US coal industry

By Janet Cox | November 18, 2015

Congressman Raúl Grijalva, D-Arizona, explains that Republicans’ intransigence on climate is preventing lawmakers from even considering funding to help US coal companies survive under the Clean Power Plan. Endorsing federal funding for pilot projects for carbon capture, which the industry wants, or opening the door to new potential technologies for reducing coal’s climate impact would qualify as…

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Preparing to march for the climate

By Robert Silvey | November 17, 2015

Climate activists are focused on the upcoming United Nations Conference on Climate Change, planning for marches and rallies in Paris, Washington, Tokyo, Oakland, and dozens of other cities around the world. Political leaders are meeting for two weeks to discuss a potential new global agreement on climate change. The conference begins in Paris on November 30, in what…

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Let's hear it for Trickle-Up Economics!

By Janet Cox | November 9, 2015

Dave Roberts’ article on the importance of the Keystone decision to the climate movement makes a point that divestment proponents can also use when confronted with that most boring of off-point quibbles, “How can you campaign for divestment when you still drive a car?” Man (or maybe Governor!), am I ever sick of that one. Economics, and…that…

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Individual Divestment Hits New High

By Sandy Emerson | November 9, 2015

Just a few days ago, was reporting that the total of individual assets pledged to divest from the top 200 coal, oil, and gas companies was over $3 billion, from 2,408 individual investors. That in itself was good news. But today, the site posted a stunning new total: $4,715,012,908 (over. $4.7 billion) pledged from…

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Jeremy Leggett: Fossil Fuels are Risky Business

By Sandy Emerson | November 5, 2015

Jeremy Leggett, “Non-executive Chairman” of the highly influential Carbon Tracker Initiative, recently met with analysts, legislators, and climate activists (including several from and Fossil Free California) in the Bay Area. Jeremy is a tireless crusader in the quest to alert investors to the increasing risks of fossil fuel investments and the need for more…

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