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Sustainable Investing Panel – April 21

By Sandy Emerson | April 14, 2016

Center for Climate Protection Presents Panel on Sustainable Investing When: Thursday, April 21st 5:30-7:00 Where: 822 5th Street, Santa Rosa  95404 From 2012 to 2014, sustainable and impact investing assets enjoyed a growth rate of more than 76%, increasing from $3.74 trillion in 2012 to over $6 trillion in 2014. Many of us have made…

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Watch Live Video of CalSTRS Investment Committee

By Sandy Emerson | April 7, 2016

The Investment Committee of CalSTRS meets all day Friday, April 8 in Sacramento, beginning around 9 am. The Committee will consider a number of important items and policies. This meeting coincides with the newly released risk report on the Fund’s exposure from investments in fossil fuels. [ExxonMobil is CalSTRS’ 6th largest investment]. Fossil Free California’s …

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Oakland pension fund considers divestment

By Robert Silvey | April 7, 2016

Almost two years ago, the Oakland City Council voted to divest, prohibiting the city “from having any financial holdings or investments in fossil fuel companies.” The City of Oakland has begun that process with its own investments, but the Oakland Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS), as a separate entity, is not bound by the city’s…

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Tobacco is a bad investment, CalPERS!

By Robert Silvey | April 5, 2016

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System is considering a staff proposal this month that could lead to reinvestment in tobacco companies. It would also effectively foreclose divestment from companies that produce fossil fuels and other deadly products. If enacted, the proposal would “forbid CalPERS, in the management of its portfolios, from sacrificing potential investment performance or…

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BART Divests from Thermal Coal

By Sandy Emerson | April 4, 2016

Another noteworthy addition to the divestment record: this February, BART’s Board of Directors adopted a resolution to divest from thermal coal.  The resolution, targeting the BART Retiree Health Benefits Trust, states in part: “The Trustee shall not make additional or new investments or renew existing investments of funds in a thermal coal company, either directly…

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Clean Energy and Prosperity: We Can Have Both

By Sandy Emerson | March 28, 2016

The global economy grew but carbon emissions didn’t.  Climate experts believe a worldwide shift towards renewable energy has kept greenhouse gas emissions level for a second year running, even as the global economy grew 3%.This uncoupling of economic growth and emissions has never been seen before, and represents a rare bit of good news in…

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Rebuttals to an Anti-Divestment Op-Ed: Consider the Source

By Sandy Emerson | March 27, 2016

Fossil Free California and other climate activists are refuting a recent op-ed by William Shughart and Robert Wardle of Strata Institute that opposes CalSTRS’ divestment from thermal coal. As RL Miller of Climate Hawks Vote points out, “People need to know that this isn’t random – Strata is funded by Koch.” Shughart and Wardle’s guest…

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Record your Views! Send a Video "Selfie" to CalSTRS

By Sandy Emerson | March 21, 2016

Video Selfies for CalSTRS Fossil Free California is collecting quick videos to show at the CalSTRS investment committee meeting in Sacramento on April 6. California teachers’ pension fund (CalSTRS) voted  in February 2016 to divest from US coal companies. It’s time to Divest from ALL fossil fuels! In a brief video selfie, tell CalSTRS why they…

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CalPERS Meeting on Climate Change: FFCA Letter and Comments

By Sandy Emerson | March 9, 2016

On Monday, March 14, the Investment Committee of CalPERS, California’s state employees’ pension fund, meets for the annual review of its climate change initiatives.  Fossil Free California’s  Steering Committee has submitted a letter to CalPERS Board and staff and will make public comments. FFCA’s letter asks for three actions: (1) Follow CalSTRS’ example by immediately…

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CalSTRS: Divesting from coal is not enough!

By Jane Vosburg | March 3, 2016

Climate risk is the number one threat facing the world; it’s also the number one risk to the global economy. The largest teachers’ pension fund in the United States, CalSTRS, recently voted unanimously to divest from US thermal coal—an important step in reducing carbon emissions. However, CalSTRS’ $1.5 million divestment from coal is overshadowed by…

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