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Trump Stinks of Big Oil

All of Trump’s most damaging policies link back up to his ties to Big Oil. This is what it’s like to have a president who’s a puppet of fossil fuels.

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Rex Tillerson must not be confirmed — #ExxonKnew

Rex Tillerson is an ExxonMobil oilman. For years, he has questioned the reality of climate change. Now, as Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, he refuses to admit his complicity in the corporation’s disinformation campaign. Call your senators today to stop his confirmation.

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California climate action in the time of Trump

While all of us are frightened and grieving at the idea that an avowed climate change denier will lead our nation’s response to the Paris climate agreement, Californians need to take heart and get to work. Our state, the fifth largest economy on the planet and the established climate leader among subnational governments, must step…

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