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Rex Tillerson must not be confirmed — #ExxonKnew

Rex Tillerson is an ExxonMobil oilman. For years, he has questioned the reality of climate change. Now, as Trump’s nominee for secretary of state, he refuses to admit his complicity in the corporation’s disinformation campaign. Call your senators today to stop his confirmation.

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Exxon Must Come Clean in Massachusetts

MA Attorney General Maura Healey

Exxon must release documents related to its knowledge of climate change, representing progress for the state as well as for the national ExxonKnew campaign. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey (photo) says the court order “affirms our longstanding authority to investigate fraud.”

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The Arctic is safer today

Here’s some very good news for the planet—and for Alaska—though not for Shell. The Guardian reports that the US government is canceling some offshore leases and imposing stricter conditions on Arctic drilling. As a result, Shell and other oil companies are unlikely to pursue further exploration in that part of the world. The Guardian: Barack Obama…

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Don't let Congress lift the oil export ban

As oil prices “tank” (ahem) due to oversupply (thanks fracking!), the divestment movement chugs along, inflating the carbon bubble. This is all bad news for Big Oil. Feeling the pinch, the oil companies have come up with a brilliant idea for restoring lost revenue: Get the Congress (which it happens to own) to repeal the crude…

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Shell games in Alaska

In Alaska, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news first: last week Royal Dutch Shell shut down its drilling rig in the Chukchi Sea and gave up its immediate dream of a great Arctic oil bonanza. After seven billion dollars of failed investment in a single dry well, Shell has now followed the lead…

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