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Paris commitments not enough (6.3°F)

Leading up to the Paris climate talks in December, India has now submitted to the UN its plan for curbing carbon emissions. As of this week, almost every nation has announced what it’s prepared to do to keep the rise in global warming 2 degrees Celsius below pre-industrial levels. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Why is…

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Why coal divestment is important

Our goal at Fossil Free California is to reduce investments in all fossil fuels—coal, oil, and gas—and to publicize their destructive effects. But some institutions, resistant to total divestment, are willing to consider divesting only from coal. Is that a position we can support? Emphatically yes! A giant step Divesting from coal is a giant step…

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California emissions are down, but not enough

California is reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Existing laws and regulations have put the state on track to meet our aggresive climate goals for 2020 and 2030. That’s the good news. But we need to do a lot more to avoid catastrophic warming in the longer term. That’s the difficult news. The good news and the difficult news both…

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