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Brown signs SB 185: Divest coal!

Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 185 today. Our two state pension funds are now required to purge their portfolios of that most pernicious of fossil fuels, coal. It’s time to celebrate! The enactment of SB 185 is an enormous step forward for the divestment movement—in fact, for the entire climate movement—because CalSTRS and CalPERS are the largest state…

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Rebel with a cause: Jerry Brown and the climate

It may be a stretch to continue calling Jerry Brown a rebel after all these years, but today he did revisit James Dean’s old haunt, the Griffith Observatory—and he shook up the fossil fuel establishment. Brown signed into law a landmark piece of climate legislation, Senate Bill 350, and California is now a bit further along the path…

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What do we do now, now that we are happy?

Hey, we are happy! Senate Bill 185 has passed the California Senate and the California Assembly. This unprecedented campaign by Fossil Free California and our many allies has leaped over one obstacle after another, and now we are within a whisker or two of total success. When SB 185 becomes law, the two biggest state pension funds in…

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