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This is the week: a climate watershed

As the evidence mounts that fossil fuels are a bad investment, this week represents a significant watershed moment for California climate policy. Last Thursday, the Assembly Appropriations Committee approved a package of twelve climate bills, which were already passed by the Senate. This week, the bills go to the full Assembly for approval. If passed by the Assembly…

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Hiroshima in slow motion

Seventy years after Hiroshima was obliterated by the bomb nicknamed Little Boy, human civilization is still threatened by the specter of nuclear war. But we are now faced with a more insidious danger, with equally grave consequences: climate change. A global catastrophe that unfolds over decades is no less dangerous than a one-day exchange of megaton missiles.…

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Legislators urged to support SB 185

The California Assembly will vote on SB 185 in mid-August, and constituents of Assembly Members around the state are meeting with them to urge a yes vote. On July 28, Assemblywoman Patty López, representing District 39 in Southern California, met with several of her constituents and pledged support for SB 185, which requires CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest…

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