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Oil, lies, and video ads

The petroleum industry is running scared. They know that their product is to the 21st Century what buggy whips were to the 20th. So as the California Assembly prepares to vote this week on SB 350, SB 185, and ten other climate bills, Big Oil is deploying some pretty oily tactics. First, the oil companies create and hide…

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Nobody's buying coal

Fossil fuel divestment is a campaign that’s snowballing—if you’ll excuse a mixed metaphor. In just the last month San Luis Obispo, California, and Corvallis, Oregon, have voted to divest. The University of Hawaii and the Rhode Island School of Design have done the same. And the University of Washington decided to divest from coal, as did the $900-billion Government Pension Fund of…

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Make carbon polluters pay

The real cost of carbon pollution is paid by everyone. It should be paid by those who sell and burn the carbon. If a factory leaves a toxic residue of chemicals on its abandoned site, the factory owner is liable for cleanup. If someone dumps an old car in the river, he will be charged…

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