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Grounds for Optimism on CalSTRS Divestment

On February 7, I once again approached the glistening CalSTRS headquarters in West Sacramento to make a public comment at CalSTRS’ investment committee meeting. Yet this time, I am more hopeful than ever that it is not a matter of if but when my teacher’s pension fund, CalSTRS, will divest from fossil fuels. I haven’t always felt this optimistic, but as Bob Dylan so aptly sings–the times they are a-changing.

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CalSTRS: Divesting from coal is not enough!

Climate risk is the number one threat facing the world; it’s also the number one risk to the global economy. The largest teachers’ pension fund in the United States, CalSTRS, recently voted unanimously to divest from US thermal coal—an important step in reducing carbon emissions. However, CalSTRS’ $1.5 million divestment from coal is overshadowed by…

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CalSTRS divestment: unhappy anniversary

Anniversaries are a time to pop open a bottle of champagne to toast the successes of the previous year; however, the first anniversary of Fossil Free California’s (FFCA) relationship with California’s state teachers’ pension fund, CalSTRS, has forced us to keep the bottle corked and hope for better days ahead. Why? Although teachers value CalSTRS…

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