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A New Divestment Year in California

Protest Megabanks Fossil Fuels Investments

2018 is here, and it’s a bright new divestment year in California. As you consider charitable donations for this new year, we hope you’ll consider a tax-deductible contribution to FFCA. Best of all would be a recurring donation that allows us to budget support for our growing list of 2018 projects: Divestment from fossil fuels…

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End of Legislative Year Action

From: Janet Cox and Fossil Free California’s Legislative Team There is good news and bad news. The 2017 legislative year ended on September 1 (make that 2:30 am on Sept. 2). And we survived—that’s the good news. But the 2017-1018 legislative session, where Democrats have shaky supermajorities in both houses, is only half over! That’s…

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CalPERS and tobacco—the blow-by-blow

California Controller Betty Yee

Thanks to the many Fossil Free California supporters who joined CalPERS’ tobacco debate (along with a host of public health and anti-smoking organizations), the Board voted on Monday divest from the $557 million in tobacco stocks we all THOUGHT they had dumped in the early 2000s, when they first decided to divest. This was the outcome…

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Tell CalPERS: No reinvestment in tobacco!

Staff of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), the largest public pension fund in the country, is recommending that the fund’s Board vote in December to reinvest in tobacco, based on profits the tobacco companies have made overseas since CalPERS divested 16 years ago. Q. Why is the tobacco decision important for fossil fuel…

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CalPERS' tobacco debate crystallizes sustainable investment dilemma

Following three months of troubled debate, the CalPERS Board of Administration (acting as the fund’s Investment Committee), will decide at its May 16 meeting whether to put to bed the possibility of reinvesting in tobacco after 16 years of divestment. In spite of restrictions on advertising and a decline in smoking in the U.S., the big tobacco firms’ international…

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Paris in New York—on Earth Day!

This morning at the UN, the Parties (175 of them) reconvened for the formal signing of the Paris agreement. It really took me back to the bedazzled excitement we all felt at the end of COP21. I have to say, here in the same old place with all the usual stuff to do, it hasn’t…

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Who needs divestment when we have "value destruction"?

This post is mostly about corporate communications.It’s also about the state of the oil industry in the U.S. I find a few things in common with Exxon’s infamous policy of suppressing climate science. A study released by Deloitte, the industry analyst, this week predicts that a third of oil extraction and production oil companies in the U.S. may face bankruptcy…

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