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Big Investors Challenge Banks to Disclose Climate Risk

By Sandy Emerson | September 17, 2017

UK responsible investment non-profit ShareAction and US-based Boston Common Asset Management have organized a letter campaign from 100 investors with combined assets of nearly 2 trillion dollars that asks 62 of the world’s largest banks to disclose financial climate risk. Targeted banks include JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, US Bank, Wells Fargo and other megabanks.

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Update: SB 100 Held in Committee

By Fossil Free California | 09/12/2017

SB 100 is being held in Chris Holden’s Utilities and Energy Committee, and might not come to a floor vote. The bill has encountered heavy opposition from the utility companies in the last few weeks of this session.

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Keep an Eye on These California Lawsuits

By Emily Laskin | 09/11/2017

Two California counties and one city are suing 37 oil majors for climate-related damages.

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Us Higher Ed Lags on Divestment

US Higher Education Lags on Divestment

By Stephen Asztalos | 09/06/2017

US higher education lags on divestment compared to the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, by percentage of institutions that have pledged to divest.

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