Today at Oakland City Hall! Pressure Council to Cut Ties with JPMorgan Chase

Today, Tuesday June 6th at 4:30pm, Defenders of Mother Earth-Huichin, an indigenous-led coalition, will host a rally outside of City Hall. The group has been working to divest Oakland’s City Council from corporations that violate indigenous treaties, pollute our air and water, and profit from creating climate chaos.

Today’s rally comes ahead of a debate which will take place next week, June 13th, in the City of Oakland’s Finance and Management Committee. The committee will review and debate its criteria—known as the Linked Banking Services Ordinance—for which banks are eligible to serve as depositories for the city’s funds. Activists with the Defenders of Mother Earth-Huichin coalition have been pressuring the city to cut its ties with JPMorgan Chase in particular.

On March 7th, the City Council nearly voted to end its relationship with JPMorgan Chase, one of the principal funders of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Since that vote, activists have sought other means to divest the city’s funds from JPMorgan Chase. Their proposed amendments to the Linked Banking Services Ordinance would prevent Oakland from banking with Chase. The amendments will be debated in the city’s Finance Committee next week.

Come out today to raise awareness ahead of the debate, and to show support for indigenous activists working for divestment, Oakland City Hall, 4:30pm.

See the event page here. And consider commenting at today’s City Council meeting as well—instructions here.