Support AB 345 and 2500’ Setbacks around Oil and Gas Extraction Sites

The landmark environmental justice bill AB 345 (Muratsuchi) adding public health and safety protections around oil and gas operations will be heard in the California Senate’s Natural Resources and Water committee as early as July 16Ask your State Senator to support this important bill. 

AB 345, which passed the Assembly in January, would require California’s Geologic Energy Management Division to “adopt regulations to protect public health and safety near oil and gas extraction facilities. The bill would require those regulations to include safety requirements and the establishment of a minimum setback distance between oil and gas activities and sensitive receptors such as schools, childcare facilities, playgrounds, residences, hospitals, and health clinics based on health, scientific, and other data, and would require the department to consider a setback distance of 2,500 feet at schools, playgrounds, and public facilities where children are present, and a range of other protective measures.”

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