CalSTRS Climate-Competence Report Card

Fossil Free California’s Climate-Competence Report Card shows that CalSTRS is failing to protect our futures, by fraternizing with fossil fuel giants and remaining invested in fossil fuels including coal. Please print and mail the report card linked below to the CalSTRS Board members.

CalSTRS Report Card Distribution Instructions

Please send a copy of the CalSTRS Report card to the board to show you noticed their climate incompetence. Thank you so much for ensuring that CalSTRS hears the call for divestment loud and clear!

Postal Service:

  • Download and print the CalSTRS Report Card
  • Include a short note personalizing a divestment demand – please mention the most notable element of the report card in your opinion
  • Mail to:
    • Attn: Harry Keiley
    • CalSTRS Investment Board
    • P. O. Box 15275 
    • Sacramento, CA 95851-0275


  • Download the CalSTRS Report Card
  • Email
    • Attach the CalSTRS Report Card
    • Write a short note explaining your perspective on the report card and calling for divestment action.
    • Sign and send!

Social Media:

  • Post on the social media outlet of your choice
  • Include hashtag: #calstrsreportcard
  • Tag: CalSTRS (@calstrs) and Fossil Free California (@fossilfreeca) (see Social Media list)
  • Tag one or several CalSTRS board members (see Social Media list)