Striding into 2022, Stronger than Ever

Fossil Free California is stronger than ever as we begin another year of action on pension fund divestment. 

FFCA’s evolution included hiring two staff: Miriam Eide (right) as Coordinating Director and CJ Koepp (left) as Communications Coordinator.  Our staff takes direction from the campaign teams, reinforcing a collaborative leadership style that is sparking great creativity and growth. Our 2021 Year in Review details our progress.

Board members Alicia Orozco,Jen Simmons, and Board President Jane Vosburg

At the beginning of November, co-founder Jane Vosburg became Board President, joining new Board members Alicia Orozco and Jen Simmons on a refreshed Board of Directors.  Long-time Board members Sandy Emerson and co-founders Deborah Silvey and Martha Turner retired from the Board.

Outgoing Board members Deborah Silvey, Sandy Emerson and Martha Turner, with Board Secretary Sara Theiss (2nd from left)

In 2022, we are amping up our advocacy for statewide divestment legislation, coupling new policy initiatives to strong grassroots pressure from our collaborations with youth, unions, and environmental justice organizations. We will continue research initiatives that highlight the risks of fossil fuel investments and continued (naive) reliance on shareholder engagement.

Collaboration is our watchword: together, we will continue to hold Big Oil accountable for damaging the climate, destroying the well-being and health of communities, and stifling progressive legislation by stuffing politicians with money and lies.

Thanks to our growing community of allies and supporters, we are striding into 2022 stronger than ever. We are inspired by our youth, by the resurgence of labor unions, and by the ever-louder chorus of voices calling for real climate action.

To all divestment-loving activists, all best for the season, and onward to 2022.

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