Speak Out for Oil Production Setbacks

Oil production has created a public health crisis in our state.

More than 5 million Californians live near oil and gas drilling sites where toxic pollutants are released into the air, water, and soil. Studies link proximity to oil and gas wells to a host of health impacts, including cancer, premature mortality, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

We’re calling on Governor Newsom to roll out a 2,500 foot health and safety buffer zone between oil production and sensitive areas like homes and schools. The agency is soliciting public comments at meetings across the state, and we have a chance to push for the most ambitious regulations in the country, if not the world.

The next public hearing is in Oakland on Monday, March 9. We need your voice in the room to tell the state to protect public health, not oil profits!

Event Info
Public Health Hearing in Oakland
Monday, March 9, 2020, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Greenlining Institute
360 14th St, Oakland, CA 94612

Governor Newsom has instructed CalGEM—the state entity that regulates oil and gas—to establish rules to protect public health from the impacts of oil and gas operations. The hearings could result in the most ambitious fossil fuel regulations in the country (if not the world). We need to pack the rooms and submit comment cards! Last Chance Alliance requested 10 hearings around the state in community-accessible forums. So far, community voices have dwarfed the industry/pro-oil voices. But we need to make sure we keep that pressure up.

Big Oil has been aggressively fighting against any changes to oil regulations. But we can’t let the oil companies drive the rule-making anymore. We need to outnumber the oil lobbyists and fossil fuel representatives at every single meeting.

Will you show up and tell the agency to prohibit any new drilling or fracking within 2,500 feet of a home, playground, hospital, or school?

Please make a plan to attend a hearing and make your voice heard.

Hearing Dates and Updates: 

(see the announcement from CalGEM)

March 9th (Oakland 1pm- 3pm @ Greenlining Institute)
March 16th (Coalinga 6pm -8pm @ Harris Ranch)
March 18th (Oxnard 6pm – 8pm Pacifica High School Cafeteria)
March 24th (Los Angeles *rally before, more details to come* 6pm – 8pm @ Holman)
April 1st (Montebello 6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Montebello Senior Center)
April 2nd (Long Beach 6:30pm – 8:30pm @ Recreation Park)
April 10 (Sacramento 1pm-3pm @ State Capitol Room Number TBA)
Summary of past hearings