SB 1161 Withdrawn but Built Great Support

Senator Ben Allen decided to withdraw Senate Bill 1161 on “Truth and Accountability in Climate Change”,  reported Colleen Wientraub from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Said Weintraub, “While it is disappointing the bill will not continue on in its journey through the state capitol, I’d like to use this moment to reflect on the positives that have come from running this bill:

  • A coalition of over 30 groups came together to support SB 1161, including enviro, EJ, health, legal, and business orgs
  • Through over a dozen messages to our supporter bases, the coalition generated at least 10,000 actions from constituents asking the legislature to hold oil companies accountable
  • Support for the legal framework of the bill was shown in a letter signed by 20 prestigious legal scholars.
  • Health groups weighed in with a letter to selected State senators about the impacts of climate change on health

The bill was covered five different times by various news outlets:

The combined lobbying, outreach, and media on this bill has raised the issue of fossil fuel company dishonesty with the public and the legislature. The continuous drumbeat of support also demonstrated the appetite for Californians to hold these bad actors accountable. As you can see in the Washington Times article, these guys are on the defensive!”