Op Ed: This is NOT the New Normal

My home burned in the 2017 Tubbs Fire. I appreciate the concern of friends who wonder how the recent Kincade fire is affecting me. I empathize with those who live in the inferno’s path who will experience years of grief and disorientation. But my visceral reaction is anger and frustration at our collective inability to take action to combat this climate emergency.

This is NOT the new norm. If only it were! Instead, we are racing towards a temperature increase of 4˚C—possibly as early as 2060. 

Recent firestorms, hurricanes, ocean acidification, crop failure, mass migrations, conflicts, spread of diseases, sea-level rise are a result of a mere 1˚C increase. The IPCC recommends limiting warming to 1.5˚C; we must absolutely avoid exceeding 2˚C. World governments need to act urgently.  

What can you do about it? Get involved. Join an action group and take action. Get off fossil fuels and eat less meat. Support regenerative agriculture, which will give us another 20 years to help fix the problem. We must come together, even risk arrest, for our children and grandchildren to have a chance of living in a world which will hopefully resemble the one we live in today.

Published in the SF Chronicle, October 26, 2019.

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  1. Carolyn M. Scott on October 26, 2019 at 8:37 pm

    Jane thank YOU for your courage, fortitude and fierce honesty. We just evacuated our mountaintop property in the Mayacama Mountains of east Santa Rosa (for the second time) and I have the same reaction as you. I am no longer concerned for my house and the things I “own” as much as this burning us all alive planet we live on. We stand at the precipe of hell and yet I watch people fast asleep at the fossil fuel wheel.

    Greenpeace says there are 100 companies responsible for more than 70% of greenhouse gases. I created a website for what people can doing personally, in their own lives and with their community to make a DRAMATIC difference. http://www.boycottbigoil.org
    There is SO much we CAN do.
    Take action NOW!

    Viva la Solutions
    Carolyn M. Scott