Meet the Rider: Sandy Emerson

From Sept. 27 to 29, Fossil Free California will head to the hills—on wheels!—in our first Green Fondo Climate Ride. We thought supporters might like to learn more about Team Captain Sandy Emerson, who will lead our small but mighty team of six riders.  The Green Fondo Ride is full, but you can support us with a donation.

Fossil Free California’s Board Treasurer and head of the “Move Your Money” campaign, Sandy fills the role of Operations Manager, and keeps the organization’s metaphorical wheels turning on a daily basis. But at least once a week, she ditches the metaphor for the real thing and takes to the hills—pedaling a carbon fiber Trek Madone 5.2  (“a nice lightweight road bike”) through Berkeley, Marin County, or Sonoma. 

HOW SHE GOT STARTED: Sandy took up cycling at a time when most people hang up their wheels. While she had always been active—hiking, sea kayaking, and even competing as a powerlifter in the 1980s!—Sandy’s cycling had been limited to occasional trips to the grocery store on an old commuter bike. When Sandy turned 50, she decided to celebrate her birthday by doing the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s  ‘century’ (100 miles) charity ride, the Tour de Tucson. She bought a second-hand road bike to train for the ride, and then acquired her first higher-end road bike in order to actually ride the Tour de Tucson. She was hooked, and she’s been an avid cyclist ever since, having done a dozen AIDS Rides and several two-week bicycle tours here and abroad.

WHAT SHE LIKES MOST ABOUT RIDING: “I like the exercise, the fresh air, and the meditation that comes with cycling. It clears my head, and organizes my thoughts. You can think about a lot of things while you’re turning the pedals.”

AMAZING PLACES SHE’S RIDDEN: Recently, Sandy took her love of cycling to new lengths by visiting the highlands and islands of Scotland with the Bicycle Adventure Club, including a memorable journey through the Orkneys and Shetland.

WHAT SHE’S EXPECTING FROM THE GREEN FONDO: “I’m looking forward to meeting new climate activist allies, and to staying at Walker Creek Ranch. The roads around Walker Creek Ranch are some of the best routes in Marin County!”

WHY SUPPORT FOSSIL FREE CALIFORNIA ON WHEELS? “The Climate Ride has been a really good focal point as a fundraising venture for climate organizations, and that’s why we took this on. When you give to the Climate Ride, you are increasing awareness of the efforts of many important nonprofits. Donating to Fossil Free California will strengthen your commitment to moving the money out of fossil fuels, by supporting our divestment campaigns.”

Please support Sandy and Fossil Free California on Wheels by donating to the Green Fondo!