Al Gore's Big Moment

Al Gore livestreamed at COP21In a first for COP21 since I’ve been here, the masses in the Green Zone got to sit in on the Plenary in the Blue. Al Gore just addressed theĀ  conference proper in an event that was live-streamed to the Green Zone. He spoke for an hour an a half in what was essentially a massively updated and extended version of the talk he gave at CalSTRS a few months ago.

The main message for the first part of the presentation echoed what we’ve been hearing from activists from all over: We need to stop thinking, and speaking, about climate change as a phenomenon out there in the future someplace that will impact future generations…and internalize the fact that it’s happening NOW at practically incalculable cost to vulnerable populations around the world. Gore started with the global warming graph curves and statistics, and then showed a long and horrifying series of images and videos of catastrophic weather events and the people whose lives they have upended. He moved on to the way-better-than-predicted implementation of wind and solar solutions in the last very few years, and hope that we’ll actually get it right. And finally he exhorted everyone here to accept an agreement that doesn’t put off until later what we need to do now. He was really wound up and so were we watching from what feels to be very far away from the action.

According to Al Gore’s Twitter feed (are YOU following him???), the presentation should be posted online here. It isn’t up yet as I write, but maybe by the time folks in California are waking up!