As if you were in Paris…

pastries in the window of a patisserie in ParisActually, if you were here, you would probably be back in your hotel watching these Blue Zone sessions on your computer, like I’m doing today. Here are my faves of the day:

1.If you only watch one thing, I recommend John Kerry’s exhortation to the Plenary to get its act together, which he made just before the release of today’s draft. He’s like Al Gore x 12 but without the pictures. (Anyway I can’t find Al Gore’s presentation to link to)

The rest of these are in no particular order

2. Here is Jerry Brown, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, and our own Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf talking about “Subnationals Leading the Way,” which as the whole world is painfully aware is imperative in the US, as long as Congress is in its perpetual state of antediluvian paralysis. Our venerable governor seems a little jetlagged at first, but then he wakes up. Jay Inslee has clearly had plenty of sleep. And he’s got innovation covered: Washington’s entrepreneurs “invented the $4 cup of coffee”!

3. My hands-down favorite: this conversation with Mark Carney and Michael Bloomberg. Carney is Governor of the Bank of England and Chair of the Financial Stability Board; he has tapped Bloomberg to lead a new initiative that will provide businesses everywhere with a consistent way of measuring companies’ carbon footprint and readiness to convert to the clean energy economy. (In many ways, the project is a logical follow-on to the Risky Business reports from last year.) This is how Carney explains the project:

“The focus on climate provides a one-stop shop for the right principles around climate, so that there can be a true market in [the] transition toward a low-carbon economy. [This is needed] because of the wide range of views around investors and providers of capital — to solve that market failure.”

And my favorite quote from Bloomberg:

“I always figure we have incarcerated all the irrational people, so when someone does something that doesn’t make sense, it isn’t that they’re irrational — you just don’t know what they’re trying to do.”

4.  Here is Richard Branson and Kumi Naidoo, head of Greenpeace, talking about The B Team, a group of large businesses and NGOs standing ready to step up if governments drop the ball. If you haven’t heard Naidoo before — he’s really impressive. And Branson still has the most fabulous hair of any billionaire (Donald Trump eat your heart out)

5.  And today’s wrap-up briefing of commitments and proposals. If this isn’t momentum, I don’t know what is.