In California, state and local legislation can be a powerful tool in the service of divestment, and in the service of the environment.  For example, California SB 185, passed in 2015,  requires CalSTRS and CalPERS to divest from thermal coal.

Fossil Free California follows key climate-related legislation, and educates and advocates about relevant bills.

Fossil Free California’s Legislative team works with 350 Bay Area and with 350 local groups throughout California to select, review, and set priorities for legislation. Legislative volunteers may be part of delegations to legislators, give public comment at committee hearings, and write letters to legislators or to newspapers.

Here are the bills that Fossil Free California is following:

  • SB 49, SB 50, and SB 51: Kevin de León’s package of bills protecting California’s environmental regulations, public lands, whistleblowers, and scientific data from Trump. See attached press release
  • AB 262: Rob Bonta’s “Buy Clean” bill, requiring state procurement processes to take greenhouse gas emissions into effect (among other things, bolsters SB 560’s inclusion of Scope 3 emissions reporting). See act sheet.
  • SB 100 (formerly SB 584): de León’s heroic and blessedly aggressive clean energy standard (“This bill would revise those legislative findings and declarations to state that the goal of the program is to achieve that 50% target by December 31, 2025, and for all electricity sold at retail to be generated by eligible renewable energy resources by December 31, 2045.”) No fact sheet yet, but the bill is here
  • SB 263: Connie Leyva’s bill creating Climate Assistance Centers in low-income communities. A good idea, and we need her support in committee for SB 560.
  • SB 57: Henry Stern’s bill placing a moratorium on reopening the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Facility until all causes of the leak are understood and a safety review is complete.
  • AB 20, Ash Kalra’s bill requiring pension fund divestment from DAPL builders and investors
  • SB 560, sponsored by Fossil Free California and authored by Sen. Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) is a key focus for us this year. The bill will make consideration of financial climate risk part of CalPERS’ and CalSTRS’ fiduciary duty to the funds’ members and beneficiaries. Fact sheet.
Information about bills (full text, current status, etc.) comes from leginfo.legislature.ca.gov. Sign up for a free account to track bills and to be notified when there are changes. Are there other bills we should consider? Feel free to suggest bills to Fossil Free California for endorsement and action.

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