May 1: Break Up With Your Bank Day in Berkeley

On April 24, the Berkeley City Council proclaimed May 1, 2018 “Break Up With Your Bank Day” as a way to encourage residents to move their money to socially and environmentally responsible banks.

As Mayor Jesse Arreguin said in a recent newsletter, “The goal is to spur Berkeley residents to stop doing business with banks that engage in fraudulent practices and that invest in things like fossil fuel infrastructure, pipelines, gun manufacturing, private prisons, and big tobacco. This effort extends the critical groundwork to shift the City’s banking business to community banks and credit unions that invest in Bay Area businesses and that better reflect Berkeley’s values of social, economic and environmental justice.”

Residents can pledge to “break up with their bank” and receive information and resources online or at two Berkeley locations:

  • Downtown Berkeley: Center & Shattuck, 4 – 6:30pm
  • South Berkeley Farmers Market: Adeline & Alcatraz, 4 – 6:30pm