Comments to Oppose Offshore Drilling Due Friday, March 9

If you don’t want to see more dangerous, unnecessary drilling rigs off our beautiful coast, submit a comment to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management by Friday, March 9.

From Sara Shor at

In January, Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced one of the administration’s most reckless, climate-wrecking ideas yet: a plan to open up more than 90% of the U.S. coastline to offshore oil and gas drilling.

We only have two more days to submit public comments against Trump’s destructive offshore drilling plan. Speak out now to make your voice heard before this urgent deadline.

Coastal communities are already dealing with the impacts of climate change including sea level rise, stronger storms, and land loss. Opening up more land to offshore drilling will threaten these communities further by bringing oil spills and exacerbating the source of the problem – burning fossil fuels.

Some of the those most affected by this plan are Indigenous peoples in Alaska and communities of color along the Gulf of Mexico who are living with the effects of climate change and also fighting back to protect their communities. This is a blatant giveaway to wealthy fossil fuel executives — at the expense of these communities and the climate.

These comments are getting submitted directly to the Bureau of Land Management – but they’ll only be accepted until the deadline on Friday. Add your voice now.

2017 was a year of climate disasters. From Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey and the wildfires that ravaged the American West to deadly floods in Southeast Asia and heatwaves around the globe, it’s clear the climate solutions we need can’t wait any longer. That means no more new fossil projects anywhere and a fast, just transition to 100% renewable energy.

But there’s some good news: a majority of coastal states oppose the plan — and from California to South Carolina, opposition is already growing. Now, if enough of us make our voices heard in this crucial final week, we can build real momentum to protect our coasts, our climate, and our communities from this drilling disaster.

Don’t miss out — submit a quick comment today to speak out against Trump’s climate-wrecking offshore drilling plan.



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