Tell Sacramento: Go 100% Renewable; Don’t Compromise on Cap and Trade

June 12 climate hearings and lobby day

Climate activists are heading to Sacramento tomorrow (Wednesday, June 12) to speak out for 100% renewables by 2045 (SB 100) and for a fair and just cap and trade extension:

SB 100 will be heard in the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee at (note time and room change): 2:00pm, in Room 444.  Show up and speak in support (you get 5 seconds at the mike). We plan to pack the hearing room: 100% for 100%! If you can join us, RSVP at the event post here.  SB 100 will also be heard in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee on Thursday, June 13 in Room 447, after the Assembly General Session concludes. It’s the only thing on the agenda.

Sunflower Alliance and 350 Bay Area are holding a lobby day for the SB 775 cap and trade extension bill, which is at risk of being replaced by a compromise bill (SB 398) that caters to businesses and to fossil fuel companies.  For more information, see Sunflower Alliance’s Facebook event.

CalFACT (Californians for a Carbon Tax) is also holding a lobby day on Wednesday, promoting the principles of SB 775 and asking legislators not to support the unacceptable compromise bill, SB 398.  If you can’t go to Sacramento, take action by calling or writing your legislators.  The CalFACT page includes talking points on SB 775.

Although these are not divestment bills, Fossil Free California supports SB 100, and the principles represented by SB 775,  because they are crucial to maintaining California’s climate leadership.

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