Climate Bills SB 100 and SB 775 on the Front Burner

climate bills

Right now our state’s two central climate bills, SB 100 and SB 775,  need everyone’s help.

Summer is not vacation time in Sacramento…at least not yet! We’re halfway through the legislative year, with hearings soon for critical climate legislation.  Please read on, and add your name and voice to these important campaigns.

100 Percent by 2045

SB 100 (de León) sets California’s ambitious renewable electricity target – 100 percent by 2045. Once again, our state sets the standard for the nation. The bill passed the Senate and will be heard by the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee on Wednesday, July 5, 1:30 pm in the Capitol, room 437.  Join us in Sacramento if you can!

How can you help?

  • Join us at the hearing in Sacramento! Come to Room 437 at 1:30, or we can plan a full day of hearings, drop-in office visits, and – if lots of people show up – a noontime rally at the Capitol with Senator de León. If you can make it, please email:
  • If you live in a committee member’s assembly district, call the Sacramento office (phone number in the link) and let him/her know you strongly support SB 100.
  • Smile for the camera! Wherever you are, grab your phone and take a quick video of yourself (and or your family, your neighbors, and your pets) telling Senator de León you can’t wait to get to 100 percent clean energy! And thank him for his incredible work on all of our behalf. Email the video to Dan Jacobson at

Extend Cap and Trade

SB 775 (Wieckowski) is the Senate leadership’s plan to improve and extend the state’s cap and trade system, designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, past its 2020 expiration date. This bill needs a 2/3 vote in each house to pass, and this won’t be easy.

Cap and trade is a complicated issue to be sure, but FFCA supports the bill and ongoing efforts to make it stronger, fairer, and more helpful to the environmental justice community that bears the brunt of refinery and fossil fuel transport pollution in California. The legislative leadership has been working hard to build support for this bill – but we’ve learned in the last few days that the Governor is hedging his bets, floating potential alternative deals with the oil lobby and others.

What can you do to help?

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