Banking on Change at Standing Rock

Banking on Change at Standing Rock

Listen to Pennie Opal Plant, L. Frank Manriquez, and Lynn Doan (Bloomberg News) tell powerful stories of their experiences at Standing Rock.  Said Pennie Opal Plant, “Because of the divestment movement, millions of people across this country have started looking at their money, and where their money is…conversations are happening across this country that could completely shift…what people do with their money.”

Click here to listen to the Climate One broadcast, moderated by Greg Dalton.  Climate One has terrific programs on a variety of climate change topics, which are all available wherever you get your podcasts.

As the Climate One website says, “They were an unlikely group of activists; Native American youths concerned about teen suicide sparked the movement against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)—a movement which ultimately spread across the country. Veterans and others joined in, traveling to the construction site and showing solidarity with activists. Protesters objected to the $3.8 billion pipeline route, which they say threatens freshwater supplies and disrespects ancestral lands.”

Pennie Opal Plant, Co-founder, Idle No More SF Bay
L. Frank Manriquez, Indigenous California artist and activist
Lynn Doan, Bloomberg News

This program was recorded live at The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on May 11, 2017.

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